VELUX launches new Nature Collection: blinds that bring the feeling of nature into your home

Leading roof window manufacturer VELUX® has announced the launch of a new collection of roller blinds. Available in a range of colours that allow you to bring nature directly into your home, whilst helping you keep your home cool from extreme temperatures.

Made primarily from recycled materials, their carbon footprint is significantly reduced, compared to other collections, making them more natural by design. Designed for maximum light control, perfect fit and long-lasting performance, they are the natural choice for getting the most out of your VELUX roof windows.


Feel more at home with nature

With both blackout and translucent options to choose from, and a range of eight unique calm and soft colours, they will help you create the mood you want with blinds inspired by nature.

The colours have been delicately selected in cooperation with the Danish trend agency PEJ. The focus is on calm, soft and dusty colours that complement each other, the nature surrounding us, as well as the trend of bringing more colours into the home.


More natural by design

With its Sustainability Strategy 2030, VELUX made a commitment to capturing its historical CO2 emissions and reaching carbon neutrality by 2041 – its 100-year anniversary. Acting sustainably has always been in its nature at VELUX. That’s why in 2020 VELUX introduced a pioneering new commitment as they enter what the UN calls the Decade of Action. Its plan is to dramatically reduce its future carbon emissions in line with science and at the same time capture its historical carbon footprint all the way back to the time of its founding in 1941 by protecting and restoring forests. At its centennial anniversary in 2041, VELUX will be Lifetime Carbon Neutral. To capture its historical carbon footprint, VELUX has started a 20 year-long partnership with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) on forest and nature projects around the world.

Going forward, VELUX will drive down its future carbon emissions by accelerating its investments in energy efficiency, shift to 100% renewable electricity, as well as substantially change the way they specify and purchase materials for its products.

The new Nature Collection blinds are primarily made from recycled materials – which reduces their carbon footprint significantly compared with other collections – making them more natural


Elements to achieve the CO2 reductions

The construction of the blinds has been thoroughly examined and 3 areas were identified to work with, namely aluminium, cloth and the packaging.

●        Profiles: Hydro CIRCAL 75R aluminium made with min. 75% recycled post-consumer scrap.

●        Cloth:

o   Blackout: Initially 50% recycled textile – during 2023 will increase to 100% recycled textile

o   Translucent: 100% recycled textile

●        Packaging: Plastic-free, single material (paper/cardboard) and 100% recyclable.

The blinds are certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® (2276-378) and are guaranteed free from harmful substances. All VELUX blinds are assembled at its European production facilities, which are certified according to STeP by OEKO-TEX® (22002567), and the different components of the Nature Collection blinds are sourced from European suppliers.

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