UK homeowners could unlock savings of approximately £395 per year through replacing ineffective windows and 57% lack confidence in assessing their homes energy efficiency.

·       In a recent survey of 2,000 UK homeowners**, only 10% checked the energy efficiency of their home every year

·       Over a quarter (27%) are uncertain about the effectiveness of their roofs in protecting their homes from heat loss

Replacement Campaign

As we enter the colder months, and homeowners are faced with potential challenges, looking after the health of our home is increasingly important. A recent study commissioned by VELUX found that 26% of people stated dampness would make their home a less enjoyable place to live.  This was followed by condensation (26%), mould (25%) and draft from doors or windows (17%).

More than a third (40%) confess to turning off radiators in unused rooms in an attempt to improve the comfort of their home, whilst nearly half (46%) resort to drinking hot beverages to stay warm.  However these short-term solutions are unsustainable and will also impact your energy costs. Implementing structural changes will offer better and longer-lasting benefits.

Despite only 10% carrying out energy efficiency checks in their home every year, a practical 29% have opted to replace their windows, including their roof windows, ensuring long-term savings and better living conditions.


“A poorly insulated roof with old skylights can cause energy loss, leading to higher costs and less comfort in the home". “We lose the bulk of our home heat through the roof as heat rises and then escapes, and with temperatures dropping lower than we’re used to, and energy prices increasing, ways to retain warm air in the home, as well as ventilate cool air, should be encouraged to save you energy throughout the year.”

Neil Freshwater - Public Affairs and Sustainability Manager - GB and Ireland

Benefits of Renovation

With 43% of respondents already having undertaken home renovations in the past 10 years, 67% of those reported that their home were more energy efficient, and more than half (51%) are now saving money on bills. Additional benefits included half (50%) experiencing warmer homes during the colder months, 45% noticing fewer drafts, 31% recognising the positive environmental impact, and over a quarter (27%) understanding the resale value and benefiting from reduced noise.

With rising energy bills concerning nearly nine out of ten people (89%), many homeowners are in the dark about the long-term impact home improvements could have. Roofs, roof windows, windows and doors play a pivotal role in determining your home's energy efficiency. However, with a staggering 67% of Brits not performing regular checks, and only a quarter (25%) feeling confident about checking the energy efficiency of their windows and roof windows, neglecting a simple check up could potentially result in energy bills increasing. Almost half (41%) of consumers are unaware of the potential savings achievable by improving their home’s energy efficiency, with a quarter (25%) believe this to be 10% or less, when in fact if they were to replace them with best-practice windows they could make a 22% heat saving.*

With simple means, you can gather initial indications as to whether it is worth making structural changes and our check list is a great place to start."

Neil Freshwater - Public Affairs and Sustainability Manager - GB and Ireland

Home Health Check-up

With 29% of individuals finding that very cold indoor temperatures make their home a less enjoyable place to live, VELUX has created a simple guide to help people make quick checks to their windows and roof windows, and therefore also enhance their home's health and energy efficiency.

To conduct an Energy Efficiency assessment for your home, follow these straightforward checks recommended by VELUX:

·       Look for signs of misting/condensation, which should usually only be visible on a single-paned window

·       Check for draughty, cool air, which you can feel on your skin

·       Assess temperature differences between rooms with a thermometer (with the window completely closed, including closed ventilation flaps)

·       Inspect for gaps between the sash frame and glazing

·       Examine for mould build-up

·       During storms and heavy rain, check if water pushes through the window

·       Light a candle and hold it against the window to see if the flame flickers

·       Check for warped window frames, recognizable by sluggish opening and closing

·       Evaluate your energy bills (additional suggestion, not window-specific)

·       Place a piece of paper between the window and the frame and try to pull it toward you through the closed window

By following these checks you can gain initial insights into whether replacing your roof windows is required, and if you need to engage the advice of an expert to guide you to start the journey toward creating a more energy-efficient, budget-friendly, and comfortable living space.


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