Inspired by Nature VELUX shares three ways to bring the outdoors in

Inspired by Nature

WFH is here to stay in 2022 and as such many of us are missing getting out in nature during on daily commute. Be it a five-minute walk to the station or a 20-minute walk to the office, this time outdoors does wonders for our overall wellbeing and productivity. Working from home doesn’t have to mean you miss your daily fill of green spaces, why not simply bring nature to you?

As one of the early identified trends of 2022, ‘Biophilic design’ (a.k.a. bringing nature into your home) is simple. Whether you are considering new home office interiors or even a full renovation, small tweaks such as access to daylight and accents inspired by your favourite botanical elements will go a long way to turning your home office into your own personal green haven.

Since people spend 90% of the time inside buildings, your indoor environment is more important than ever when it comes to your health and wellbeing. VELUX the leading experts in daylight are on hand to share a few tips on how to bring the outside in and take full advantage of the current nature inspired trend.

  1. Bring the natural world inside

This year, find new ways to improve your home office and incorporate 2022s hottest new trend ‘biophilic design’ to enhance your wellbeing and boost your mood. Biophilic design is the name given to decor that mimics nature and is said to offer healing properties. When renovating or redecorating consider incorporating natural elements such as, access to daylight through additional windows space, staircase gardens, floral ceilings and living walls, to transform your working space.

  1. Opt for colours and materials that are inspired by nature

Tapping into materials found outside such as wood, stone and wicker will make your space feel more rustic, cosy, and light filled. Choosing an ‘earthy’ colour scheme will make the connection from the outdoors to inside seamless. Why not opt for the Golden Hour wallpaper from the new VELUX x Poodle & Blonde ‘Magic Hours’ wallpaper collection. The wood-grain print features a signature light-reflective texture to optimise light throughout your home – and the feature colours are proven to aid productivity as you continue to work from home.


  1. Maximise natural light in your home

When merging the outdoor elements with your interior, it's important to also think laterally, embracing the outdoor views and light from above can be equally as important as the space around you.  VELUX roof windows capture the trees and green spaces surrounding your home whilst making the most of daylight in your home. Not just a nice to have, research shows a view of nature has proven restorative benefits to wellbeing, resulting in improved mood and reduced stress.