VELUX® Unveils NEW White Painted Roof Windows

VELUX® has launched a new white painted roof window to match contemporary tastes for bright and light interiors.

The VELUX white-painted roof window has been developed in response to increasing demand from homeowners, installers and suppliers for an alternative to the traditional pine roof window. The white painted surface reflects more natural light than darker surfaces and matches other interior colours better.

With the usual thorough development and testing, VELUX® have created a roof window that lives up to the brand's reputation for quality and reliability.

Offering a new matte white finish, the roof windows are triple coated with water-based lacquer and a high quality UV resistant white paint which does not discolour or deteriorate over time, ensuring that the windows remain low maintenance. Every component of each frame is individually painted to ensure a consistent and resilient finish. 

All new VELUX roof windows will now come with safety glazing as standard, featuring a laminated inner pane and a toughened outer pane.

Andrew Lumsden, Marketing Manager at VELUX® commented: "We know that there's a strong demand from homeowners for a roof window which can match contemporary tastes for bright and light interiors. Our new white painted windows now offer a high quality and durable, alternative finish to the traditional pine, which is more suited to contemporary interiors and easier to maintain.

"The white painted roof window will be our future standard offer, adding a new and stronger dimension to our current product mix. However, we will continue to offer both white polyurethane and pine clear lacquer roof windows as part of our programme.

"We're already underway with a country-wide Tour of builders' merchants across 250 sites, enabling installers to view the product for themselves and speak with our team of advisors."

For more information on VELUX white-painted roof windows visit www.velux.co.uk/whitepaint


About the VELUX Group

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