Positive Interiors

With the reign of spring just around the corner, and those dark winter days almost a distant memory, many of us are looking to give our interiors a little boost. Get the most out of the season by embracing natural elements such as daylight from above and splash of colour to spark joy and boost positivity. 

 With mood boosting interiors being one of the top trends for 2022, VELUX, the leading experts in daylight, shares top tips on how you can incorporate these elements to transform your space into your favourite place!  


   1. Utilise colour  

Take advantage of colours that represent your personality and have positive associations within your home’s design. Perhaps a sage green to bring a sense of wellbeing to your home or a mustard yellow, perfect for those who want to add energy and life to any room. You could even opt for a statement wallpaper such as the new VELUX x Poodle & Blonde ‘Magic Hours’ wallpaper collection which comes in a trio of colourways the echo dusk till dawn. The wood-grain print features a signature light-reflective texture to optimise light throughout your home, making both you and your room feel lighter and brighter.



   2. Create your escape room  

Adapt your home to create your own space to escape reality, whilst exploring your passions. Whether that’s your own reading nook, music room or meditation corner, create a sanctuary for yourself that feels right for you. Allowing enough daylight to flow through will increase your overall wellbeing and boost your mood, with VELUX roof windows helping to create gorgeous light filled rooms to aid your creativity. Looking to unwind and relax in your meditation corner? The VELUX Blackout roller blinds will help create the ultimate safe space, blocking out all incoming light.  


    3. Add a touch of luxury  

Spending more time at home is an excuse to add some extra special touches to your home. Vario by VELUX offers a stylish range of the newest bespoke rooflights, available in different shapes and sizes to transform your home into a brighter, airier, better, and healthier living space, with a luxury finish. Or why not opt for a VELUX Cabrio balcony, an instant balcony, going from roof window to balcony in seconds, adding fresh air, daylight, and a great view to your home