New VELUX® Sun Tunnel Brings Daylight to the Darkest Space

Sarah Beeny recommends the new look sun tunnel from VELUX

The VELUX® Sun Tunnel is an innovative solution recommended by Sarah Beeny as a way of bringing more natural daylight into those areas of your home where adding a window isn’t possible.

Now, VELUX has taken the product a step further with the New Generation version, which creates an even brighter, more natural indoor environment. This is due to Edge Glow, a new ring of clear glass around the edge of the ceiling diffuser that allows for better daylight dispersion. The resulting natural light is more dynamic, more cost effective and brings more health benefits than electrical lighting, as well as reducing energy consumption.

Thanks to a new flexible locking system, the new Sun Tunnel is significantly easier to assemble, leading to a quicker installation. The product can be installed in any part of the house with a maximum distance of six metres to the roof, and can now be installed from the outside if your attic or loft is inaccessible.

The Sun Tunnel is available in either ‘pitched roof’ or ‘flat roof’ formats. The former is ideal for windowless bathrooms, hallways and cupboards, while the latter is great for bringing daylight into areas of a building where it is either not possible or inappropriate to install a flat roof window.

Grant Sneddon, Product Manager, VELUX® GBI, said: “Natural, organic light makes you feel both revitalised and better connected to the outside world. Our new VELUX® Sun Tunnel means we can bring the positive effect of daylight into even more homes and spaces, easily and efficiently.”


About the VELUX Group

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